Regular triyoga workshops with sound therapist Slavomir Latko and Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

The poetry of sound and movement: a multi-sensory experience


triyoga London

These are regular workshops taught exclusively at triyoga in London. Eleonora Ramsby Herrera work regularly in collaboration with sound therapist Slavomir Latko. Together they create immersive experiences in the format of a two-hour yoga class accompanied by live soundscapes, healing gong baths and joyful mantra singing.

Yoga, poetry & sound bath

Carried by the waves of soothing sounds you will be led through a guided meditation, followed by a dynamic yoga practice to mobilise your energy and spark your inspiration. The session comes to full-circle with a 30-minute grounding gong bath to help manifest your heart's aspirations. 

Ellie’s rare gift of communicating intelligent enquiry/movement throughout the body/mind system married with with sound therapy is a stroke of genius – where both practices support the potential of change, renewal and transformation.
— Paul Flitcroft, Director of Fundraising & Yoga/Advaita teacher.
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