Fundamental principles

| BREATH | Movement | Meditation |


Breath as a practice of listening

Our breath can tell us many things. We can use the breath as a channel for tuning into the currents of our mind-heart-soul-body experience: how am I feeling right now? Just as these currents are in constant change, so is the breath. We make friends with the breath, we regulate it gently when necessary and we let it run free when it needs to. We actively explore and stay connected with the action and sensation of breathing. Rhythm is central to the movement so we move in tune with the currents of breath and let the breath guide us each step of the way.

Body movement as a metaphor

The moving body is a metaphorical expression of our internal landscape of past and present life experience. Tuning into how we move and making it a conscious act opens up a world of inner awareness and wisdom. Movement is a sensory experience that has the potential to give us a deeper sense of oneness with our multidimensional self in the present moment. Movement is breath, energy and life. It can be manifested in many various forms. Asanas (yoga postures) are one of them. In hatha yoga we practice a range of traditional postures in a naturalistic, inventive and explorative way that resonates with the rhythm and capacity of the body and breath. Do no harm.

Meditation as human enquiry

Meditation is a practice of concentration. Keeping a soft observation on your actions, spacious enough to give permission for an expanding consciousness and ever-changing unfolding perspectives. We look within to gain with compassion and acceptance to gain a better understanding of ourselves, we look without to apply what we learn as well as welcoming new lessons of wisdom into our life space.


Seamless coherency

Each class is a well-composed narrative journey that encompass a specific theme and merges it with movement, breath and meditation. It includes well-composed and clearly structured sequences where we play with patterns and avoid paths that are too familiar so to keep us alert and open to change. Each segment of the class is seamlessly connected with the next which makes for an effortless and creative movement flow that logically takes you from one step to the next (vinyasa) through a safe and logical progression.

Interdisciplinary and creative exploration

Hatha yoga is the umbrella term and with this as a starting point, we explore yogic movement in various ways that incorporate different expressions of hatha yoga as well as other alternative somatic practices. The tradition of yoga as a practice is faithfully respected and honoured while simultaneously leaving room for evolutionary and individual creativity across disciplines. Creativity is birthing something new; it is the embracing of change. Creativity is thus a kind of expression that can take infinite forms and from it we can expand and radiate all that we are.

Compassionate reflexivity

Reflexivity is the time we take to absorb, digest and take stock on what is important to us, who we are, how we act and why and what we wish to explore further. Giving our soft malleable edges a gentle nudge to expand ourselves and our lived potential. We carry ourselves on this path with compassion, integrity and respect and we faithfully strive to meet others in the same way.