International Yoga Retreats: An inspiring time to draw within and awaken your creativity


Eleonora & Talitha

These retreats are facilitated by yoga teachers Eleonora Ramsby Herrera and Talitha Gamaroff. Their blend of yogic practices and playful creativity makes for an inspiring and joyful combination that brings great substance to their retreat experiences.

Tailored themes and rich in content

Our retreats follow specific tailored themes that takes you on a journey of explorative enquiry. They are rich in content and experience where you get to immerse yourself in yoga, meditation and creative enquiry in beautiful surroundings with time for yourself and time shared with others retreat participants.

A time for practice, reflection and connectivity

The days include between two - three daily sessions with plenty of space in-between for rest, fresh air and healthy nourishment. Our work combines dynamic physical yoga practices with more gentle restorative yin classes. This is weaved together with meditation, literature, poetry, sound baths, silence and creative enquiry of different kinds. We combine individual practices and reflection with collaborative and interactive group work.  


Spain, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa

A perfect weekend retreat... Ellie and Talitha challenged us and nurtured us, looking after our bodies and minds. I came away really feeling the benefit.
— Robin Hamilton, London