Eleonora ramsby herrera

Transformational learning through human enquiry 


Integrating the practices of yoga, mindfulness and creativity into daily life. . .


200-Hr Hatha Yoga Training

An in-depth exploration into the practices of yoga. Our intention is to work with students’ individual process and encourage you to learn from where you are. Instead of offering a one size fits all approach, from day one, you will learn to look at each yoga student individually and learn how to teach people rather than poses.

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Professional development trainings

Would you like to refine your yoga teaching skills? Delve deeper into your personal expression as a teacher? Feel more confident in your work? Eleonora offers a variety of developmental trainings for yoga teachers to help you explore further dimensions of yoga and widen perspectives on learning and teaching..

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International Retreats

We offer uniquely tailored programmes in beautiful locations, from urban cities to lush forrests. Our programs are designed to guide you through an inspirational, joyous and soulful journey from the moment you arrive until the moment you travel back home.

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triyoga Sound Journeys

Regular workshops taught exclusively at triyoga in London. Eleonora Ramsby Herrera work regularly in collaboration with sound therapist Slavomir Latko. Together they create immersive experiences in the format of a two-hour yoga class accompanied by live soundscapes, healing gong baths and joyful mantra singing

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Follow Eleonora on Yogobe’s online platform

Yogobe is the largest online platform for yoga in Scandinavia. As part of Yogobe’s exclusive team of experienced teachers you can now follow Eleonora online where she offers classes in restorative yoga and meditation. 

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